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Columbia River Young Marines


What are the ages?

The Young Marines accept young men and women from ages 8 through 18.

Where and when do you meet?

Unless otherwise scheduled we meet every other Thursday (6PM-8PM) and every other Saturday (9AM-2PM) at GracePoint Church gym, 1915 N. Rd 84, Pasco WA 99301.

What is the cost?

The Columbia River Young Marines charge $50 a year in dues. Part of this goes to National for insurance, the rest goes back into the program. When a recruit first joins the CRYM, the cost is $180. This includes the first year's dues and the rest of it goes towards the cost of the uniform. If necessary, the $180 can be broken into 3 monthly payments of $60 each. Once training has begun there are no refunds.

What parts of the uniform is supplied by the unit?

The unit supplies the trousers, boot blouses, belt, red national t-shirt, unit t-shirt, unit sweatshirt, unit shorts, unit sweatpants, blouse, cover (hat), patches, and guidebook.

What do the parents provide?

The parents provide the boot camp uniform consisting of plain white t-shirt, any color sweatpants or shorts (these will be replaced with unit gear when the order comes in), white socks and running shoes.

What types of boots are used?

We use the black canvas jungle boots. The unit can purchase the boots for the recruit at a cost of $20 to the parent. They are also available via mail order catalogs.

How long is Boot Camp?

Boot camps are ideally scheduled for 24 hours. Typically this is broken up to a couple of hours a week for 12 weeks. The length and schedule of Boot Camp is left up to the discretion of the Commanding Officer depending on the qualifications of the recruits.

I paid my money; do I automatically qualify as a Young Marine?

Just as in the Marine Corps, you must pass qualifications to claim the title of Young Marine. This includes passing a physical fitness test (200 out of a possible 500 points) and a written final, as well as possessing a sharp appearance and motivated attitude. Without passing all of the above, you will remain a recruit.

How many absences are allowed during Boot Camp?

A recruit is allowed two excused (called ahead of time) absences during Boot Camp. Excessive absences may disqualify a Recruit from graduation.

What happens after graduation?

The youth can now claim the title of Young Marine and joins the rest of the unit on year round fun and challenging activities.

Are all the staff Marines?

Though former Marines lead the program, our staff is composed of volunteers (as in not paid a dime) from different professions.

Updated: November 2016