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Wear and Care of the Young Marine Uniform

The Columbia River Young Marine uniform is to be worn with pride. Our unit strives to be the best and is conscious of the image we present to our community and to other Young Marines. Young Marines must be aware that they always represent the unit, especially when wearing the uniform. Wear it proudly but wear it correctly. Your uniform is not just another set of clothes…it is a symbol of your pride in yourself and in the Columbia River Young Marines. The following are some rules and hints on how to wear and care for your uniform.

  1. No part of the cammie uniform should be worn except at Young Marine functions or training without special prior permission from the Commanding Officer. This means that you should never wear your uniform to play, hunt, or Halloween. However there may be special occasions where you would like to wear it…ask first.

  2. Wash your uniform blouse and uniform trousers together…this will prevent one from fading faster than the other.

  3. Wash your uniform in cold water. Dry on low heat. This will help prevent excessive shrinking and discoloring.

  4. Use mild laundry detergent and keep away from bleach or chlorine products.

  5. Remove from the dryer promptly and hang up.

  6. When ironing, do not use excessive heat.

  7. When wearing uniform parts with logos on them (t-shirts, sweats, etc.) it is best to wash them inside out in cold water. Remember to dry on low heat or hang dry.

  8. DO NOT IRON LOGOS. They will smear.

  9. When sewing on patches or having them sewn on, refer to the Basic Young Marine Guidebook, pages 2-2 to 2-3. Use appropriately colored thread (olive drab for nametags, etc.)

  10. Here’s a hint: when sewing on nametapes, center the name on the pocket and fold excess tape inward so that end of tape is even with sides of pocket. This gives and even appearance and prevents the ends from unraveling later.

  11. Always wear a clean uniform to Young Marine events.

  12. Always be in the proper uniform of the day.

  13. Make sure to Irish Pennant your uniform each time after washing and drying…even when you use the dry cleaners. Irish Pennants are loose strings and are an easy indicator of a lack of attention to detail.

  14. **MARK YOUR GEAR…I have little sympathy when someone loses or leaves gear behind and it’s not marked. Refer to the Basic Young Marine Guidebook, page 2-4 for the location of where to mark your last name, first initial on your gear.

Updated: October 2009