CRYM Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is a great week to remember and pass on Enrique Camarena’s message, "One person can make a difference". I think we should remember and pass on the message because if there is something you don’t like about something with your school district, government, or a law that should be enforced, you should take action and never give up. This also shows mental toughness, perseverance, and that you care for the people around you. So get out there and make a difference in your community. You can do it, I know you can!

YM LCpl Jacob Parker

"Everyone can make a difference in the world." Enrique Camarena lived passionately his whole life with that theme. It is important for every youth and adult all over the world to remember his message. This is especially significant for the youth of the United States because usually it is as a team that you can make a difference and not by yourself. In my life it has always been important to strive to succeed no matter what the cause. Like most teenagers I would love to make a difference in someone’s life. How you ask? Well simply, I make a difference by staying off drugs, working as hard as I can in school, and being there as someone to talk to. In fact, the whole theme of "everyone can make a difference in the world" is also a message of staying drug free. A drug free lifestyle is one that all youth, no matter what age, should have. Not only do youth need to educate themselves about the danger of drugs, they need to help others and stay drug free. I strive to make a difference and stay drug free no matter what the cost. No matter what age, no matter what your life style, everyone can make a difference in the world. This very powerful theme was created to help remind everyone to stay drug free and to strive to make the world a better place. So, stay drug free and you will make a difference in the world.

Young Marine Gunnery Sergeant Leistritz, Stephanie

This week, we celebrate Red Ribbon Week in honor ofEnrique Camarena. Lots of schools cities and states celebrated this week but frankly I don't think that's enough. The message of Red Ribbon Week is very important and every one needs to know that just one person can make a difference. Mr. Camarena gave up his life so that the message of the danger of drugs could be put right in front of the public's eye. He shows immense leadership, strength and determination to do what's right. Red Ribbon Week isn't just a week to say oh there was this dude. This week is to honor a great man who died just so a message could be brought to the attention of all those people who were tempted to and/or already are doing drugs, that it can kill you, and one person can make a difference. So I hope that throughout this week and even throughout your life when you see someone in your community or school that you think is either thinking about or doing drugs tell them the story ofEnrique Camarena and see what happens

By: LCpl. Klippert

This week is Red Ribbon Week. This week is set in memory of Enrique Camarena, a former US Marine and police officer. He worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He believed that one person could make a difference and he died trying to make a difference. Red Ribbon Week is not all about Enrique Camarena though, it is more about his beliefs that anyone can help. It is about staying drug free and helping others do so too. This week is about trying to make a difference in remembrance of Enrique Camarena. What he did reminds me to stay drug free and to stand up for what I believe in no matter what.

YM LCpl Michael Holm

According to the DEA, Red Ribbon Week is "a time for gratitude for all the lives that remain drug-free." It is also a time to make the commitment that we will stay drug-free.

Living drug-free produces three main benefits: health, wealth, and safety. Obviously, a body is healthier when it is not controlled or damaged by drugs. A person will have more wealth because he will not be spending all his money on the drugs. Drugs are very expensive and usually unaffordable. Yet, people will pay any price to satisfy their all-consuming addiction. A person will be safer because he does not need to commit crimes to support his drug habit when his own money is spent. A crime-free life is a safer life!

Another reason for Red Ribbon Week is to remember the ones who have died in the fight against drugs. For example, Enrique "Kiki" Camarena joined the DEA after he retired from the Marines. He worked undercover investigating a major drug cartel in Mexico. His life changed in an instant while on his way to meet his wife for lunch. Five men appeared and shoved him into a car. His tortured body was found a month later buried in a shallow grave. Some of his family and friends started Red Ribbon Week as a memorial. They also promote his belief that one person can make a difference!

YM Sgt Dillsworth

What kind of things are your schools doing to observe Red Ribbon week? Anything? I’ll bet more than half the kids in schools around the Tri-Cities haven’t heard of Red Ribbon week. The only people observing Red Ribbon week are Young Marines from what I know. The last thing that my school did for a week was showing off their spirit for their school.

Why don’t they know about Red Ribbon week in the schools? If they do, it doesn’t really seem like it. They are more concerned with homecoming, football games, and anything else that has to do with school. Does it not matter to them that drugs are part of what pollute our society? Does it matter to them that peoples’ lives are ruined forever because of drugs? Apparently, it doesn’t. Showing off your school spirit must be more important. Talking about a football game and getting excited about it must be more important than fighting back against something that will destroy peoples’ lives.

Young Marines, our mission is to spread the word to all those clueless ones at school and around town. Wear your red bracelets that are for Red Ribbon Week to school. If people ask questions about them, you know the answers.

Remember what Enrique Camarena taught us. One person can make a difference.

YM GySgt Brim

I have learned a lot of stuff about Red Ribbon Week at training last week. Mr. Enrique Camarana wanted to tell all the people of the harm and the addictions of dugs. The morale of Red Ribbon Week is to inform people about drugs. People who are under the influence of drugs need to listen, stop, and think about what they are doing. Because drugs can ruin your life, like your family could leave you, your friends may turn away from you, and ultimately you take your own life. I hope people will start to listen about the story of Red Ribbon Week and that they would tell their friends and family about it and that if they are taking drugs, TO STOP!

PFC Tyler C. Schaeffer

Every Person Can Make a Difference
People always say that one person can't make a difference. But Enrique Camarena spent his life demonstrating otherwise. He set to action a chain of events that led to Red Ribbon Week. A week that symbolizes what he did to make the world drug-free and the terrible costs of having drugs in your life. This is a week where people bring out the drug-free activist side of themselves, spreading the word about Enrique and the message he died for.

YM GySgt Beth Allen